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Pleasant Hill Home

Pleasant Hill Home barn quiltIn 1816, County Commissioners were given the authority to build “Poor houses.” On March 15, 1839 the Geauga Commissioners bought the original tract of land, the farm of Nathaniel Stone, for $2400.00. For this investment, they made time payments of $900.00.The original farm house still stands, and is used as office space. They hired a contractor, David Eggleston, to build the first home for the whopping sum of $698.00. It was opened in 1840. A portion of the original building still stands, but is now used for storage. To the rear of the original home, was the “Mad House”, with a total of 8 cells.

In the early days, County Homes, known as “Poor Houses”, and later as “Infirmaries”, were working farms with residents helping with daily chores. Men who were capable, worked in the fields and barns, while women could be found assisting with housekeeping and caring for less capable residents. This farm was a working dairy farm until the 1960’s when its dairy operation was discontinued. County Homes were often home to women and and children, the elderly, homeless, and those with various disabilities.

Pleasant Hill Home

As times changed, more & more social service programs became available to those in need. County Homes have also undergone a transformation. Today, Ohio County Homes have evolved to become either an assisted living type home or a nursing home. Geauga County has chosen to provide assisted living type services.

In the 1880’s, the original building began to deteriorate. By 1885, it was approved to build a new, red brick building at the same location. In Ohio, it is common to see similar red brick homes, with tall windows for healthy ventilation that served the various counties. Geauga’s home was described as a three story building of 36X72 feet with a high ceilinged attic for storage. Originally, there were no grand front porches, but the home was accessed through two front doors with curved stairways from the ground to the current front doors.

There have been additions, renovations and updates to the home, resulting in an airy and welcoming home. All bedrooms are small but private, with dormitory style bathrooms. Common areas are open and inviting.

Pleasant Hill Home offers a casual, family-oriented lifestyle to our residents, focusing on wellness, with a full recreation and social schedule, as well as plenty of opportunities to join in daily household routines. Residents are encouraged to join in on housekeeping, and meal preparation. We have had various farm animals over the years, for hands-on participation, if one is interested in a more rural lifestyle.

Pleasant Hill Home is committed to offering a welcoming, homey place to live for Geauga County’s residents. It is located at 13211 Aquilla Rd, Chardon, OH 44024.

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